A good agent….

  1. Cares more about your priorities and your money then their commission. As your fiduciary representative, that is actually an agents legal obligation. (And in a business based on reputation and referrals, its also smart business.)
  2. Negotiates effectively and, at your instruction, agressivley to achieve the best possible price and terms.
  3. Never makes decisions for you nor pushes you to make decisions a certain way, but lays out all the information, options and strategies for your consideration.
  4. Ensures you understand whats happening, whats necessary and whats at stake at every step
  5. Tells you the truth as best as can be discerned – positives, negatives, upsides, downsides, changes in the situation….even what you may not want to hear.
  6. Offers and array of qualified professional resources – inspectors, lawyers, escrow and loan agents,etc – and advises you when their counsel is required.
  7. Coordinates, manages and controls – based upon your decisions – every aspect of the process. Always with an eye to protecting your interests.
  8. Knows the market in your geographic area and property type inside and out, its values, market trends, neighborhoods, pros and cons, legal issues and other agents.
  9. Gives you the time and attention you need
  10. Keeps their promise. Works hard. Works to accommodate your timeline.
  11. Has excellent client references
  12. Ideally, loves the business of real estate – because its simply more enjoyable to work with someone who enjoys what they do.

The quality of the agent working on your behalf – his or her competence, integrity, work ethic and commitments to your interest – can make an enormous difference in the outcome of your home purchase or sale: in money, in stress, in future happiness.